Exhibitor Success Tools

Getting Started

Welcome to Your Virtual Show! – Watch me first!

What’s Featured:

  • Overview of the virtual event platform, Big Red Virtual
  • Learn how to activate your account and log in
  • Use this link to access the platform: https://portal.bigredvirtual.com/home
    • Be sure to bookmark the page and save your login credentials
  • Explore the features of the backend of the platform
  • View the front end of a virtual event

Booth Templates to Download:
PNG Files:
Generic Templates Download – Use if you do not have Photoshop
Photoshop Files:
Basic & Premium Templates Download – Basic and Premium exhibitors
Sponsor Templates Download – Sponsor Exhibitors

Add a Custom Background:
Custom Booth Background Examples
You can access the booth background templates from the above booth template files. You will choose the background template you want to use from the 3 options and leave those layers ON when you export the file.
Please note, the guides say to keep the background layers off, but if you would like to have a custom background you will leave those layers on. 

Photoshop Files:
Background Templates Download – If you want to see the background template options, you can download them here

Booth Build Options:

Option 1: Customize your booth in Photoshop using one of the provided templates, add a custom background image (optional), upload to the virtual platform and add your widgets (links/files/videos)

Option 2: Choose a generic template and simply upload it to the virtual platform and add your widgets

Option 3: Hire our graphic designer to create your custom booth ($295 fee) then you will add your widgets (links/files/vide0s)

Uploading Your Booth and Adding Widgets

Booth Content Upload Guide

What’s Featured:

  • Learn how to upload your booth to the platform
  • See how to select a booth background
  • Learn how to make your booth interactive with widgets (links)
  • See the types of widgets you can add to your booth
  • Be sure to name all your links for booth reporting

Adding Additional Users to Your Booth

See how to add additional admins and booth reps!

What’s Featured:

  • Learn how to add additional users, send invite links, and set permissions
  • Navigate to the ‘Users’ tab and click ‘Invite User’
  • ‘Booth Rep’ must be checked for everyone appearing in the chat box
  • If working in shifts, you can select/deselect Booth Reps as needed, so only the people who are currently online show up in the chat box
  • When you have accepted your activation link, are set to Booth Rep, and are logged in, you will show up in the chat box with a green dot next to your name indicating you are online

Working Your Booth

What’s Featured:

  • Booth Rep chat box
  • ‘In Room’ feature to see who is in your booth
  • Booth Rep Dashboard

Booth Rep Dashboard Guide

Chat Features Overview

What’s Featured:

  • Adding Booth Reps Users – make sure Booth Rep is checked off
  • Updating your profile in the live site
  • Seeing Booth Reps in the Chat Box with a green dot to indicate online
  • Public Chats vs. Private Chats
  • When a new chat comes in
  • Direct video chat straight from individual chats – Zoom not required!
  • Managing your Dashboard
  • # In Room feature

Tips & Tricks for Working Your Booth

Tips for Event Day

What’s Featured:

  • Monitor the ‘In Room’ feature to see who is in your booth
  • Have a greeting ready with an action item for attendees to send in the chat box when someone new enters your booth
  • Pull the ‘Attendee Interaction Summary Report’ throughout the live event to monitor activity with the features of your booth
  • Move or change your widgets during the live event if something is not working well
  • Update your profile for the chat box – definitely add a picture!
  • Be sure to add your title and company name to the ‘Job Title’ field so attendees you chat with will know which company you work for if they navigate to another part of the event

Zoom Room Instructional Guide

Zoom Best Practices

Everything you need to know for your Zoom Room!

Click Here to watch the Zoom Room Video

What’s Featured:

  • Learn how the Zoom host will access the Zoom Room with the event-specific Zoom meeting ID for your company
  • See how the Zoom host manages the Zoom Room
  • Add breakout rooms to your Zoom Room for the ability to have one on one conversations between attendees and individual Booth Reps
  • Learn how to add Booth Reps and attendees to Breakout Rooms
  • See how to turn your Zoom Room ON so the link in your booth to your Zoom Room is active during show hours

Pulling Booth Reports

What’s Featured:

  • Reporting permissions – who can pull reports
  • How to change user permissions
  • Attendee Interaction Summary Report